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[已過期] ZUCCa 30週年激送限量Tote Bag (至1/10 銅鑼灣)

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【ZUCCa 30週年激送限量Tote Bag】
日本時尚品牌 ZUCCa 今年踏入30週年,特意喺Fashion Walk設置期間限定展覽!除咗展出30周年紀念系列同全球只限量發售888個嘅Freitag聯乘袋款,仲有個巨型銀色蛋糕俾大家打卡,有機會贏取ZUCCa Tote Bag一個*!

Fashion Walk 百德新街

【ZUCCa 30th Anniversary Limited Tote Bags Giveaway】
Japanese fashion label ZUCCa has held a pop-up exhibition at Fashion Walk to celebrate its 30 years old!  Aside from the 30th anniversary collection and ZUCCa x Freitag limited-edition collection releasing only 888 bags, there is also a gigantic sliver cake for you to capture the cutest moments with. You may also get a chance to win a ZUCCa Limited Tote Bag*!

From now till October 1, 2018
Paterson Street, Fashion Walk
*Only available on Friday to Sunday and public holidays during the event

#HKFashionWalk #Paterson #UnleashYourTrueColors #ithk #ITZUCCA30TH #有得影靚相 #仲贏埋個袋返嚟 I.T - The Official Page



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