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[已過期] MaBelle 期間限定閃爍鑽飾展: 免費專業穿耳服務 (至26/5 東薈城)

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【MaBelle 期間限定閃爍鑽飾展】

MaBelle 將會喺今個星期五、六、日喺東薈城名店倉舉行閃爍鑽飾展,期間將會展出多款精選產品,包括以繡球花為題嘅《最美的愛》鑽飾系列,以及以天然鑽石懸浮半空作賣點嘅《舞動飛躍》鑽飾系列。另外,展覽期間你可以喺網上預約登記體驗東薈城名店倉限定免費專業穿耳服務(價值HK$800),免費體驗包括手術鋼耳環一對,以及3個月護耳服務。


[MaBelle Jewellery Show at Citygate Outlets]

“The Beauty Of Love” and “Dancing Leap” collections will be showcased at Citygate Outlets from 24- 26 May. By simply registering online*, you can also enjoy an exclusive free service at Citygate Outlets, the MaBelle “Professional Ear Piercing Experience”, including one pair of medical-grade stainless steel earrings and a 3-month aftercare plan!

*MaBelle consultants will confirm the appointment with registrants by phone.

活動日期Date: 24 – 26/5/2019
地點Venue:東薈城名店倉 B1樓層Citygate Outlets B1/F
免費體驗專業穿耳服務登記 Register for ear piercing experience:

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