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[已過期] GRATiAE元朗YOHO分店【快閃優惠:免費派發護甲套裝!】(19/8 元朗)

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喜迎GRATiAE最新落戶元朗YOHO,分店限定優惠停不了!有觀看我們昨天的 #鑽石美甲修護套裝 介紹影片的話,一定會對這款皇牌產品心動不已


分店地址:元朗Yoho Mall 2期1樓A146號舖

【#FlashOffer: Nail kit giveaway!】

Here comes another offer for GRATiAE YOHO opening! If you have watched our previous nail kit video, you must be thrilled to know that we are going to give away 30 sets of #BeautifyingNailKit for FREE!

We will start giving away 30 quota tags from 5pm 19 August (next Mon) at GRATiAE YOHO! One tag for each person. First come first served. Each tag can redeem a set of nail kit!

Address: Yuen Long Yoho Mall II L1 A146


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