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C410E Swarovski Crystals Earphones (Silver)

來自韓國的CRESYN提供世界一流的便攜音響設備及耳機,現由捷成消費品代理。CRESYN將 Swarovski水晶鑲嵌到耳機上,形成了這款散發動人貴氣的C410E耳機。

CRESYN from Korea provides world-class portable audio equipment and earphones, now marketed by Jebsen Consumer. Swarovski crystals built into the design add a touch of elegance to this CRESYN product.


60 Second Neck Toner

RIO是來自英國的光學美容品牌,現由捷成消費品代理。60 Second Neck Toner能收緊頸部和下顎肌肉,令肌肉更強健和緊緻。

RIO is a British beauty innovations brand, marketed by Jebsen Consumer. The 60 Second Neck Toner can help tighten and strengthen your neck and lower jaw muscles.

42 Below

Passion-fruit Vodka

來自新西蘭的42 Below是世界上銷量最高的伏特加品牌之一,現由捷成洋酒代理。加入了清新的熱情果口味,是不同類型飲品的完美配搭。

42 Below is one of the world’s best selling vodkas from New Zealand, marketed by Jebsen Fine Wines. It is infused with passion-fruit, perfect as the base of a diverse range of drinks.


Margaret River Chardonnay 2010

Twinwoods的洋酒都是從澳洲瑪格麗特河生產及釀製的,品牌現由捷成洋酒代理。這瓶Margaret River Chardonnay富有混合果香,口感結實。

Marketed by Jebsen Fine Wines, Twinwoods wines are all produced and fermented at Margaret River, Australia. It offers a mixed fruit aroma with a solid texture.

Blue Girl Beer

Stylish Cotton Chair

藍妹啤酒是捷成在1906年收購的品牌,亦是目前在香港銷量最高的進口啤酒品牌! 這張藍妹啤酒獨家摺椅設計非常時尚,全棉製造,最適合在家放鬆時使用!

Blue Girl Beer is a Jebsen-owned brand acquired in 1906, and now the top premium beer brand in Hong Kong! This exclusive Blue Girl Beer foldable chair is very fashionable, made of cotton and best used when relaxing at home.


Collector’s Cup No. 12


Porsche is the one of the world’s most well-known luxury car brands from Germany and exclusively represented in Hong Kong by Jebsen Motors. This is a limited edition cup numbered 12 by Porsche.


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60 Second Neck Toner!!!!!!!wait for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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我去開shatin, 希望有份食la
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消費滿 HKD$500
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60 Second Neck Toner!!!!
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消費滿 HKD$500至有的玩
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