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[著數情報] Habitu 精品蛋糕 買一送一優惠(只限16/4)

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【#MONDAYSURPRISE·#精品蛋糕 買一送一優惠】

Too much stress and you feel that you need to take a breath, our pretty Quintessential Cakes and a cup of fresh coffee will be perfect for you to get relief.
On April 16 (Monday), show you're one of our Facebook fans on your mobile device to redeem a BUY-1-GET-1-FREE offer on #QuintessentialCake!

一連串繁重工作令你透不過氣? 到HABITŪ一嚐造型精緻的精品蛋糕, 配上香濃咖啡,讓煩惱一掃而空。
只要於星期一(4月16日)向店員出示電話,顯示已讚好  Habitu專頁,即可享 #精品蛋糕 買一送一優惠!




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