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「至TOP有機零售商選舉2018 」網上公眾投票(至27/5)

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「至TOP有機零售商選舉2018 」網上公眾投票 "TOP Organic Retailer Election 2018" Public Online Voting
"TOP Organic Retailer Election 2018" Online Public Voting is open from now until 27th May, 2018 (Sunday). Vote now to show your support to your favorite Organic Retailer!


請分享你在該零售商的消費心得。(不少於80字) Please share your experience as a consumer with this Organic Retailer (not less than 80 words)
經評選為最佳消費心得的 3個 留言,會贏取「獨具慧眼獎」及 Fitbit 智能手錶。                                                                                            
3 winners who leave the best comments will win the "Best Comment Award" and Fitbit.

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