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綠惜未來 又一城《Disney . Love Nature》有獎遊戲

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【#綠惜未來 又一城《Disney . Love Nature》有獎遊戲 | #GreenFuture Festival Walk “Disney . Love Nature》Prize Game】
又一城同迪士尼合作帶來♻環保企劃  《Disney . Love Nature》宣揚「綠」惜生活嘅重要。買嘢成日俾人問:「需唔需要膠袋?」一於由自備環保袋開始減少浪費~ 完成以下指令,即有機會拎到《Disney . Love Nature》環保袋 (小)乙個。
Festival Walk and Disney are proudly hosting the “Disney . Love Nature” to promote green living♻. To support green initiative, remember to bring your own bag so you can say ‘No’ to plastic bags at check out. Complete the following tasks for the chance to get a cute “Disney . Love Nature” tote bag (small).
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讚好及分享此帖子,喺留言位置hashtag「#DisneyLoveNature 及 #綠惜生活」,並標籤3位朋友 Like and share this post, using the #DisneyLoveNature and #綠惜生活 hashtag, and tag three friends in the comments section 填寫個人資料及回答問題 Fill in the Google form
截止日期 Cut-off Date: 02.08.2022, 11:59 pm
公佈結果日期Result Announcement Date: 04.08.2022
由又一城選出5名得獎者。圖片只供參考。如有任何爭議,又一城保留最終決定權。 Festival Walk will pick 5 winners. Photo is for reference only. In case of any disputes, Festival Walk reserves the right of final decision on all matters.
《Disney . Love Nature》裝置及期間限定店 Decoration and Pop-up Store
21.07.2022 – 14.08.2022
Mon - Thu:11:30 am – 8:00 pm
Fri - Sat:11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Sun:11:00 am – 8:00 pm
#festivalwalkhk #又一城 #Disney #迪士尼 #GreenLife ... mo5RhHF5HF9A97n9Hyl

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多謝各位踴躍參與【#綠惜未來 又一城《Disney . Love Nature》有獎遊戲 | #GreenFuture Festival Walk “Disney . Love Nature》Prize Game】,並恭喜以下得獎者可獲得《Disney . Love Nature》環保袋 (小)乙個。
Thank you to everyone who participated in our 【#綠惜未來 又一城《Disney . Love Nature》有獎遊戲 | #GreenFuture Festival Walk “Disney . Love Nature》Prize Game】. Congratulations to the following winners who have each won a “Disney . Love Nature” tote nag (small)
Abby Ng
Alex Wong
Jacko Wong
Kelly Choi
KY Leung
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